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In Memoriam Regina Murray 8/20/2014  
Regina Waldron Murray '40
In Memoriam Patricia Martin 8/19/2014  
Patricia Sheeran Martin '57
Class Notes Melissa Elsbree 7/22/2014  
Melissa Elsbree '06 is a special education math teacher at Neptune High School. She also officiates field hockey and basketball for the Shore Conference.
In Memoriam Helen Miller 8/14/2014  
Helen Miller, RSM, '66
Class Notes Linda Forgione 8/13/2014  
Linda Cermele Forgione '83 and her husband, John, are "empty nesters": their daughter Alicia is a freshman at College of Mount Saint Vincent and is playing soccer there, and their son Nick is going to Montclair.
Class Notes Susan M. Santoriello 5/19/2014  
Susan McGuire Santoriello '83, '93 and her husband, Tony, spent 10 days in Peru this past summer. This picture was taken from a ledge above an Incan archaeological site (Moray) where the Inca practiced terrace farming. It was a "Great trip once you got used to the altitude." Prior to the trip, they celebrated the graduation of their son Frankie who received his master's in biology May 2014. Their younger son, Anthony, is continuing his studies in Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton.
Around the Town Mary Catharine Sullivan 8/13/2014  
Left to right: Maria Scotto DeCesare '07, Wilma Saunders '07, Betsy Hernandez McAllister, '85, Myriam Betancourt '08, Lucila Federoski '08, Olivia Starks '07, (S Mary Catharine Sullivan '55) and Gissela Malgieri '07. Other graduates join us from time to time and are always welcome. Siempre nos divertimos mucho (We always have a great time)
Class Notes Ruth T. Balbach 8/12/2014  
Ruth Ragula Balbach '69, '78 and her husband, Gordon, have been married for 37 years. In their retirement, they spend their time gardening, travels, reading, movies, wine and fine dining, etc. They are very involved in the rescue, fostering and adoption of the ex-racer Greyhound.
Class Notes Kathleen Benedetto 8/12/2014  
Kathleen Leyden Benedetto '69 and her husband, Warren, celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary in April. Their three children are all married and have children of their own: Warren and Deborah - Celia and Jake - in Laguna Beach, California; Kristen and Jason - Ella and Ethan - in Philadelphia; and Tara and Craig - Heidi - in Burke, Virginia. In addition to enjoying their family Kathy and Warren like to travel and spend time in Ocean City and Siesta Key, Florida.
Class Notes JoAnn Beuthe 8/11/2014  
"JoAnn Beuthe '01 is an IS teacher for Dublin City Schools, Ohio.
Class Notes Ann Marie Bialkowski 8/12/2014  
Ann Marie Mulkeen Bialkowski '83 and her husband, Matt, have three children: Catherine, Suzie, and Peter. Catherine is a freshman at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown. Suzie and Peter are both at Mother Seton Regional High School.
Class Notes Madelyn J. Campbell 8/12/2014  
Madelyn Zalewski Campbell '69 retired from the Brick Board of Education after 38 years. She is "Babci" (Polish grandmother) to her daughter Dawn's children and loves spending time with them all. In honor of her grandchildren, Madelyn resurrected the knitting and crocheting skills that used to keep her awake during GCC lectures and concerts!
Class Notes Susan M. Canning 8/11/2014  
"Susan Karl Canning '03 is a teacher at Sources 4 Teachers, Cherry Hill.
Class Notes Jo-Anne Carra 8/12/2014  
Jo-Anne Scocchio Carra '69 and her husband, Joe, whom she met at Georgian Court, have two sons - one a doctor and one a lawyer. They also have two grandsons: Noah and Ethan.
Class Notes Heather J. Crisostomo 8/12/2014  
Meghan Meehan Hannum '04 and Heather Morad Crisostomo '01 enjoy a visit together, along with their children - their daughters are already good friends, just like their moms!
Class Notes Cheryl Dahl-Monahan 8/11/2014  
Cheryl Dahl-Monahan, L.A.C., '10, '12 is a licensed counselor at A&W Psychology Services, Inc.
Class Notes Patricia A. Davis 8/12/2014  
Patricia McCormick Davis '69 has been married to her husband, Bob, for 40 years. They have three children and two grandchildren: Alison and Zachary - Marion and Alexis; Jonathan; and Emily. Patty and Emily traveled to Ireland to meet long-lost relatives that had been "found" through the research of an "unknown" cousin, Tom Callahan, a history professor at Rider University, who was researching, and subsequently published a book on, their family history.
In Memoriam Eleanore DeMuro 3/14/2014  
Eleanore Vasselle DeMuro '43, sister of the late Constance Vasselle '43
Class Notes Laura A. Dowd 8/12/2014  
Laura Bongura Dowd '69 and her husband, James, live in Athens, Georgia, where they are both employed at the University of Georgia: she is an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences and he is a professor in the sociology department. Both of their daughters are teachers - one, an English teacher at Athens Technical College and the other, a high school French teacher. Their son is very involved in local politics and works for the Athens Economic Justice Coalition.
Class Notes Catherine Duggan 8/12/2014  
Catherine Duggan, Esq., '69 and her husband, Barry celebrated the May 2013 marriage of their son, Kevin. In June, Catherine was in New York and Philadelphia for a mini-tour for her book, The Lost Laws of Ireland, How the Brehon Laws Shaped Early Irish Society. Other places she and Barry have traveled to recently include Turkey, India, Spain, and England.
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