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Condolences 7/19/2018  
Angelo Lidon, grandfather of Kelly Lidon Eastmond '17
In Memoriam 7/19/2018  
Eleanor D. O'Connell '89
Condolences 7/18/2018  
Rose Mueller, grandmother of Amanda Mueller '16
Condolences 7/18/2018  
Joyce Marshall, mother of Kelly Marshall Williams '03
In Memoriam 7/17/2018  
Patricia Mara, APRN, '78
Condolences 7/17/2018  
Edward Simonson, father-in-law of Danielle Kennett Simonson '00 and Sarah Burke Simonson '05
Condolences 7/16/2018  
Walter S. Kalicki Jr., father of Rita Kalicki Greenberg '91
Condolences 7/15/2018  
Joseph Harrigan Sr., brother of Marijo Harrigan Ross '72
Condolences 7/13/2018  
George Arney, grandfather of Grace Talian '17, GCU senior admissions counselor
In Memoriam 7/12/2018  
Rosemarie Crawley Andre-Johnson '50
Condolences 7/12/2018  
Edward Maloney, father of Megan Maloney '98, '03
Condolences 7/12/2018  
Mary Ann Walsh Thompson, mother of Suzanne Walsh '73, '78 and Mary Ann Walsh Manrodt '75
Condolences 7/11/2018  
Grace McKeon, mother-in-law of Victoria McKeon '87, '08
In Memoriam 7/11/2018  
Eileen Droesch Morrison '50
Condolences 7/11/2018  
Lillian Schneller, mother of Donna Schneller '80
Condolences 7/10/2018  
Joseph Sayers, father of Tracey Sayers '93
Condolences 7/9/2018  
Lorene Krupp, mother of Jennifer Krupp Londell '00, 03, and Melissa Krupp '02
Condolences 5/22/2017  
Rita Londell, mother-in-law of Jennifer Krupp Londell '00, '03
Condolences 7/8/2018  
Kenneth Finn, father of Roisin Finn Burford '84, and father-in-law of Karen Crawford Finn '98
Condolences 7/8/2018  
Colleen Grady, mother of Maura Grady '92