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Luka Zgonjanin '17
Wednesday, August 16, 2017

       Meet Luka Zgonjanin ’17. Luka recently accepted a position as Business Analyst & Client Services for Scivantage, a software company located in Jersey City just three months after graduating from GCU. Luka is originally from Serbia but was recruited to GCU where he played on the men’s basketball team. He explains how in his native country, he would not have had the opportunity to play a sport while going to school. 

       His experience at Georgian Court helped him to land his first ever full time job because he says here he learned how to network and open his mind to different careers, opportunities and people. Luka worked with Kathleen Brady in our Career Services department, “Kathleen Brady gave me big chunk of valuable information and expanded my network base which I used throughout my job search.”

Luka’s Advice to Grauates: “Network, network, network. It sounded stupid to me at first, but when I actually started looking for jobs in the market, I realized this was the best way to find one. Simply put, do not be scared to talk to people and reach out to them with calls and emails, because at the end it will be worth it.”


Natalie Hnath
Friday, June 16, 2017

natalie hnathNatalie Hnath of Jackson, New Jersey, is a junior majoring in business administration with a concentration in management. Natalie says it had been her dream to attend Georgian Court University since she was a young girl.

During her time here at GCU, Natalie has had the opportunity to serve as a senator and secretary of the Student Government Association. She is also president of the GCU Relay for Life Club.After she graduates, Natalie hopes to work in training and development in the field of human resources and also plans to attend graduate school.

What does your scholarship mean to you? 

My GCU scholarship means the world to me. I know that I would not be here without it. Without the help of our supporters, students like myself would not be able to live their dreams. GCU donors and supporters have made it possible for me to pursue my career and shape my future.

Alumni Spotlight - Rod Colon '95
Thursday, June 08, 2017

Rod Colon, who received a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgian Court in 1995, shares his 25 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider specializing in diversity and inclusion, professional networking, and career coaching through an unusual, yet common sense, approach to networking and career management for his own company, Rod Colon Consulting. He also hosts a weekly call-in radio show, Own Your Career, which is his call to action for those he coaches. “To remain competitive in the 21st century, professionals need to run their careers in the same way a CEO runs a business … with full accountability, mental discipline, a distinctive brand, and a relentless gathering of business intelligence,” says Rod.

Rod, who was inducted into the GCU Alumni Court of Honor in 2011, is currently working on his second degree from Georgian Court—a Master of Arts in Theology, which he expects to earn in December 2017. He remembers fondly his first degree experience at The Court.

“My favorite memory at Georgian Court was meeting with Sister Mary Catharine [Sullivan ’55, former professor of world languages (Spanish)] and having her tell me that my past education experiences are in the past. She said: ‘Today you begin again with purpose and confidence. You do your part, and GCU will do its part.’”


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Thursday, June 08, 2017

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