Lion Crossing

Choosing a Gift Plan

Choose the gift plan that matches your personal goals.


Your Gift

Your Goal

Your Plan

Your Benefits

Deferred Gifts


Defer a significant gift until after your lifetime

Name GCU in your will or living trust

Gift exempt from federal estate tax;

Retain control for your lifetime

Charitable Gift Annuity

Supplement income with steady payments that are partially tax-free

Enter a CGA contract with

Georgian Court that pays a set

amount for one or two lives

Current and future savings on income

taxes; Fixed payments for life

Retirement Assets

Avoid twofold taxation on retirement plans

Name GCU as the beneficiary of

the remainder of the assets after

your lifetime

Avoid income and estate tax; Gift comes

from the most highly taxed asset, leaving

more for family

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Hedge against long-term inflation and supplement retirement income

Create a trust that pays a fixed

percentage of assets as revalued

annually; principal realized to

GCU at end of term/lifetime

Variable income for life for you or your designees; Immediate  income tax


Charitable Lead Trust

Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets you pass to your heirs

Create a trust that pays fixed or

variable income to GCU for a

specific term of years; principal is

retained for heirs

Reduce your taxable estate; assets kept

by heirs, often with reduced gift tax

Retained Life Estate

Give your personal residence or vacation home now, but continue to live there

Deed ownership of your home to

GCU but retain occupancy

Valuable charitable income tax deduction;

Lifetime use of your residence

Outright Gifts

Gift of Real Estate

Make a gift of an asset no longer needed and generate income tax deduction

Donate the property to GCU, or sell at bargain price

Immediate income tax deduction;

Reduction or elimination of capital gains

Gift of Personal Property

Share your enjoyment of a collection or other personal items

Donate tangible personal property

used for our tax exempt function

Charitable deduction based on the full

fair-market value

Gift of Securities

Avoid tax on capital gains

Contribute long-term appreciated

stock or other securities

Immediate charitable deduction of full

fair market value; Avoidance of capital

gains tax


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