Alumni Award Nominations are Open! 

Georgian Court has always been proud of its Alumni, graduating seniors, and others who continue to demonstrate mercy values, leadership and service through their volunteer efforts to the University and the Alumni Association. Many GCU graduates go on to achieve outstanding achievements in their chosen careers and personal lives. Recognizing these individuals is a long-standing tradition at the Court, and for decades we have recognized these individuals during our reunion and homecoming weekend.

Do you know someone that has made an impact? We welcome your nominations.

To nominate an alumnus for one of the following, please email at least 2 paragraphs describing their contributions to GCU, the reasons they deserve this award, their name, and grad year by June 1, 2020.


The GCU Alumni Awards are:

Lion Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes the alumna/us with a distinguished history over a lifetime of leadership, shared vision and extraordinary service to Georgian Court University and the community. 

  • In what ways has the candidate served the University and its alumni?
  • Has this service spanned decades?
  • In what ways has this service been truly extraordinary?
  • How has this service benefited the institution?
  • What is the scope and/or depth of the candidate's involvement in volunteer service beyond GCU?

Prior recipients of this award include:

2019    Beverly Milyo '69, '83 

2017    Agnes Moore Higgins ’39 

2012    Maria Cordis Richey, RSM, Ph.D.,’50

2006    Gertrude Turner Mahan ‘35

Alumni Service Award

This award is given to the alumna/us who has demonstrated outstanding contributions and service to the University. Please note that nominees cannot be a full-time faculty or staff member. 

  • Does the candidate serve as a Class or Affinity Agent, Alumni council member/committee chair/officer?
  • Does the candidate volunteer and participate in Alumni events (such as Reunion/ Homecoming, service projects, open houses, day of giving, etc.)?
  • Does the candidate volunteer, organize or participate in regional alumni activities, student activities, or campus administrative tasks?

Prior recipients of this award include:

2019      Diane Szubrowski, RSM ’68  
2018      Joyce Goletz Heckman '83     2013      Gail Gleason Milgram, Ed.D. '63
2017      Amelia Alonso McTamaney '67     2011      Delores Parron-Ragland, Ph.D. '66
2016      Keri Tarantino Carlton '99     2010      Amy Joseph Habib '60
2015      Rosemary E. Jeffries RSM, Ph.D. '72     2009      Anne Grall  Reichel, Ed.D. '74 
2014      Marjorie Murphy Hale '68     2008      Debbie Hanley Williams '68 


A Quote from 2018 Award Recipient, Joyce Goletz Heckman '83:

I was the 2018 recipient of the GCU Alumni Service Award.  I recall the day that I received the telephone call informing me that I was selected, and how overwhelmed and proud I felt.  My four years at GCU were foundational years for me.  I learned so much during my time at Georgian Court, beyond my course of study.  I choose to stay engaged with Georgian Court because I deeply believe in the mission of the University.  Although a service award was not needed to encourage me to continue to volunteer my time, it was meaningful for me to be recognized.  On the day I was given the award, I was fortunate to be surrounded by family and close friends, which made that day even more special.

Distinguished Alumni Award

This award is presented to the alumna/us who has excelled in their chosen field and has exercised exemplary qualities through career achievement. This award honors an individual whose achievements in their vocational fields have brought distinction to themselves, credit to the University, and a real benefit to their communities. 

  •        What are the unique professional achievements that brought distinction to the candidate and to Georgian Court University?
  •        What are the recognized contributions made by this candidate that demonstrates a benefit to the larger community?
  •        What professional competencies have lead to success and/ or contributions in their field?
  •        How has the individual’s innovations or research led to the advancement of their profession/ field?
  •        Has the individual received any awards and/ or accolades in their profession/ field?

2019 Award Recipient, Rodrigo (Rod) Colón ’95, ’17

2017 Award Recipient, Lisa Gambacorto, RSM, '84

The Distinguished Alumni Award means a great deal to me because I have the highest regard for the Institution that selected me to receive the award.  I cherish all of the memories I have of my alma mater, the friendships, the faculty, and the Sisters of Mercy.  I have studied throughout my career earning a number of master's degrees and an Ed.S. degree, but no place felt like home the way GCU did.  It is a special kind of school -- unique, nurturing, and supportive.  It was a wonderful place to learn and to grow into a strong woman.  I am proud to call myself a woman of the Court. 

Blue and Gold Award

This award is presented to a friend of Georgian Court University that displays exemplary leadership and/ or service to GCU by a non-alumnus/a. 

  • Does the individual exercise the mission of Georgian Court University through service to the University in their personal or professional life?
  • Does the individual go above and beyond to better the University, one of its programs, services or students?
  • Is the individual a pioneer in their profession or community while exuding the spirit and ideals of Georgian Court University?

Young Alumni Award

This award acknowledges and encourages service to the University by alumni age 35 and under that exhibit outstanding achievements in promoting the University through volunteer support of and activities.

  • Did the candidate achieve an exceptional level of service while balancing the demands of being a recent graduate?
  • Does the candidate serve as a Class or Affinity Agent, Alumni council member/committee chair/officer?
  • Does the candidate volunteer and participate in Alumni events (such as Reunion/ Homecoming, service projects, open houses, day of giving, etc.)?
  • Does the candidate volunteer, organize or participate in regional alumni activities, student activities, or campus administrative tasks?
  • What life achievements contributed to the candidate being a pillar in the community?

2019 Award Recipient, Kristen Cladek '14

2017 Award Recipient, Miriam Hunte '16

Receiving the 2017 Young Alumni Award from my Alma Mater was such an honor. Georgian Court is like a second home and the support that I've received there has been invaluable. When I received the email that I was selected as the recipient of this award, I was ecstatic! What an honor to be recognized for my service and leadership contributions after graduating. Service is a huge part of my life and I'm grateful for all that GCU has poured into me to help me flourish in this area. My hope is that every recipient of this amazing award would simply pay it forward and daily embody the Mercy Core Values of Justice, Compassion, Integrity, Respect, and Service.

Sportsmanship Award

This award chosen through GCU Athletics recognizes the graduating senior athlete that has, through their actions in the competitive arena of intercollegiate athletics, demonstrated good sportsmanship and citizenship in the Mercy tradition. The Sportsmanship Award will be determined through GCU Athletics and acknowledged during the Alumni Brunch.

Outstanding Senior Award

The Outstanding Senior Award is awarded to the Julia Blake Alumni Award recipient from May Commencement. The Julia Blake Alumni Award is presented to the senior who has best displayed outstanding loyalty and service during the student’s GCU years.

Calling all Lions:

Do you know someone whose professional and volunteer accomplishments deserve to be recognized? Or do you know of an alumna or alumnus or student whose accomplishments should be spotlighted? Please tell us about them.

The deadline for submission this year is now June 1, 2020. Student recipients are honored during commencement and student-athletes during the annual awards banquet. All recipients (student, athletic, and alumni) are honored at the Alumni Brunch during Reunion & Homecoming Weekend.

For more information, contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 732- 987-2454 or via email at