Georgian Court University Announces Year-Round 4-Day Compressed Workweek

This fall, Georgian Court University will become the first higher education institution in New Jersey, and one of the few universities across the country, to offer employees a 4-day compressed workweek option year-round—instead of just during the summer.

“We are pleased to take another step forward in our ongoing efforts to proactively address and meet the changing needs of our incredible staff to provide them with the flexibility to both excel at their jobs and to create a more realistic work-life balance,” said Dr. Joseph Marbach, President of Georgian Court University.

The 4-day option will be available to some 220 full and part-time staff members upon schedule approval from their supervisors. The university will continue to be operational five days a week and run at the same high level of efficiency to meet the needs of the students, faculty and entire university community.

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