Alumni Board of Directors

The Alumni Board of Directors mission is to strengthen the connections between GCU alumni, the university and students through a variety of outreach activities and events and encourage GCU alumni to remain involved in the continued success of Georgian Court University.

The Alumni Board of Directors of Georgian Court University is the governing body for GCU's Alumni Association.

The board meets three times each year and conducts much of its business through the work of various committees.

The Alumni Board provides on-going input and support of the many programs and services administered by Georgian Court University.

Alumni Association Strategic Plan - NEW

Learn about the vision, mission and initiatives of the Alumni Board of Directors. See what we are doing to encourage engagement, develop opportunities and further promote success for alumni at The Court!


2014-2015 Officers

Mary Casey Nebus, Ph.D. ’69, President     

Marjorie Murphy Hale ’68, Vice President     

Jacqueline Cleveland Sandy, Esq. ‘03, Secretary/Treasurer

 Mary Nebus    Marjorie Hale    Jackie Cleaveland


Keri Tarantino Carlton '99    

Martha Collins ‘78

Marylu Dalton '82, '93


 Keri Carlton    Mary Dalton   

Kelly Gliatta '99 (camera shy)

Mary Bowman Halpin ‘66

Joyce Heckman '83

   Mary Halpin  Joyce Heckman  

Marcela Knipper '06, '08 (camera shy)

Beverly Milyo ’69, ‘83

Mary Peckiconis ‘83

  Bev Milyo    Mary Peckiconis 

Constance Anne Reymann '77, '00

Alicia Warnsdorfer Somers '95

  Connie Reymann    Alicia Warnsdorfer Somers

Shealyn Sullivan '12, '13

Diane Szubrowski, RSM, '68

 Shealyn Sullivan Diane Szubrowski

Ashley Tito, Esq. '06 (camera shy)

Elaine Warga-Murray '70

Shelly Lynch Wasilewski '73, '95

 Elaine Warga-Murray   Shelley Wasilewski

 Debbie Hanley Williams '68 (camera shy)