Georgian Court Gallery Presents “Where Is This?” Exhibit by Bart Lentini

Georgian Court University’s M. Christina Geis Art Gallery is excited to present “Where is This?,” a solo exhibition by New Jersey-based photographer Bart Lentini, from October 13 through November 17. Mr. Lentini specializes in events and portraitures and has a passion for adventure and exploring. His photography reflects how he views society, finding the passing of time and the effect it has on civilization interesting.

You can preview more of Mr. Lentini’s work on his Instagram at @Bartlentini. You can also learn more by visiting his website at

“This collection of images gives a glimpse into the eyes of an explorer, an individual watching the world change on a journey from paved roads of great cities to forgotten structures reclaimed by time,” says Mr. Lentini. “These structures reflect the fragility of life and in turn, how society and its structures are transient. While much of the world is focused on the progress and the future of humanity, I choose to turn that attention on the futility of great achievements of the past. The physical manifestations of human success are always subject to the face of time. Those structures that society deems unimportant are then reclaimed by nature and are transformed.”

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