Jay Abraham `23: Growth in a Journey

Soccer (or “football” in Scotland) was the vehicle Jay Abraham used to arrive at Georgian Court University, but academic principles are the fuel that powered him through the journey. “The Five Mercy Core Values are guides for how best conduct yourself not only at school but in life,” said Abraham who hails from the town of Dumfries in Scotland.

Driven at a young age to become an accountant, Abraham sought an education program that provided the option for two majors: Accounting and Finance. His home country of Scotland did not offer this academic track in higher education, so he looked toward the United States.

“The morals and values of Georgian Court University resonated with me, especially service. Community service holds a special place in my heart and I thrive off of giving back to others and making them happy,” said Abraham. “This is a feeling like no other, helping people in a less fortunate situation, it is something everybody should do and the world would be a better place if this happened.”

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