The Rosales Family

Latin American Student Organization (LASO) President Alan Rosales ’21, a double major in criminal justice and Spanish, arrived at GCU as a first-generation college student who was undeclared.  And that was just fine.

Alan was already a high achiever. He came to GCU with enough credits—acquired before he graduated from Lakewood High School—to graduate college early. He gravitated toward criminal justice classes and decided to major in the field. Additional time spent with Drs. Jaime Rivera and Kathryn Quinn-Sanchez led Alan to choose a second major, Spanish, alongside his concentration in global justice and society. Doing so allowed the TRIO scholar to blend his passion for human rights and the law, among other subjects. Along the way, he stepped up his participation on campus with GCU’s Council for Diversity and Inclusion.

Alan’s drive for success mirrors that of his cousin, Ashley Rosales ’21, who is the walking definition of perseverance.

Ashley, a Lakewood High School graduate and the oldest of four children, wanted to set an example for her younger siblings. While she was not sure what major to declare initially, she gravitated toward medical imaging sciences and a minor in biology. Ashley eventually changed her focus to education, seeking her degree in natural sciences with a minor in biology.

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